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  1. Planet Shop (2021) @ L'etalage

    Exhibition at L'Etalage, Maastricht

    Good morning! Do you think buttocks want to get green and pimpled? Follow your own star. You are alone come to Planet Shop and will make feel nice. You’re going to nod hard for that. Look to Planet Shop and make you forget. We are life. Funny things and sexy, happy for your love partner. Staff always smiling to you and say how ya doin. Impress your friends. Why bother for regulars who spray slender cheese sticks with their nostrils? Best quality. No worry, dream. Everything is very new gadgets, hi-tech trending. Run to the vending machine where you can borrow frog legs and shoe glue. Don’t be shy, you deserve. Consume life. Make complete. Coffee costs much less money, while shawarma sticks to the trees. We have everything from nothing to something. Make surprise holiday season now, shop is art. Let's dance now, for the sky is also open in the burning forest. Make you exciting to make you comfortable that you are happy that you are nice that you are happy to be welcome to be there. Hope, strength and meatballs are right in front of vegetables in which hundreds of camels are shitting mushy slime.

  2. Multitude Of Dialogues (2022) @Maison Florida

    Group exhibition at Maison Florida, Hasselt. 


    Curated by Fee Veraghtert and Karin Peulen


    With the Artists;

    Famke Storms

    Fran Hoebergen

    Lasse Geudens

    Gilles Dedecker

    Gerd-Jan Princen

  3. Blobs & Prisms (2022) @ Cafe Zondag

    8 paintings of 55cm x 60cm exhibited at Café Zondag 

    Check out the paintings here

  4. Puppydog.jpg (2022)

    Digital drawing printed on flag, 120cm x 80cm.

    Design for What The Flag!?/Greylight Projects

    Shown at Neuer Aachener Kunstverein

  5. Just - Kidding (2018) @Moira, Utrecht

    Just - kidding


     A Mystique Dimension Between Brain Farts And Dead Matter.


    (english below)

    In een huispak kan ik niet werken. Materie gaat van A naar B, het verzamelt en klontert samen met andere soorten. Achter elke deur schuilen twee nieuwe. We zijn voedingsstoffen, Kannibalen. Een worst springt door een donut. Artificiële woestijnen met meer luchtspiegelingen dan oasen. Tussen angst en droom heerst realiteit. Hebben we aan uw verwachtingen voldaan? Een televisie zegt sorry. Mystieke dimensies tussen breinscheten en dode materie. Euro-Dream Safari.

    Dit waren een aantal zinnen uit mijn aantekeningenboekje die in eerste instantie niet zo veel met elkaar te maken hebben, maar bij elkaar geplaatst maken ze een interessant geheel. Het is een persoonlijke manier van grappen om met vaagheid of confronterende situaties om te gaan. Het lost ongemakkelijke stiltes op, maar het laat ze ook toe. Parodie, satire, ‘doen alsof’, spelen of gewoon een binnenpretje om alledaagse ontmoetingen.


    Just - kidding (English)

    I cannot work in a house suit. Matter moves from A to B, it collects and clumps together with different species. Every door is hiding two new ones. We are nutrients, cannibals. A sausage is jumping through a donut. Artificial deserts with more mirages than oases. Between fear and dream reality reigns. Did we meet your expectations? A television apologizes. Mystique dimensions between brainfarts and dead matter. Euro-dream safari.

    These were a few sentences from my notebook which in first instance don’t have much in relation with each other, but when put in together they create an interesting whole. It is a personal way of monkeying around in order to deal with vagueness and confronting situations. It dissolves painful silences, but also allows them to be. Parody, satire, playing pretend or just having a chuckle about everyday encounters.

  6. C TRU (2018)


    Hairdressers mannequin doll.

    Part of solo exhibition "Just-Kiddin" at Moira, Utrecht

    At Limburg Biënnale Marres, Maastricht. 2020

    Picture taken by Fenne Saedt

    C TRU(2018) Hairdressers mannequin doll. First shown at Moira, Utrecht. 2018 At Limburg Biënnale Marres, Maastricht. 2020 Picture taken by Fenne Saedt

    C TRU(2018)

    Hairdressers mannequin doll.

    First shown at Moira, Utrecht. 2018

    At Limburg Biënnale Marres, Maastricht. 2020

    Picture taken by Fenne Saedt

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      C TRU(2018)

      Hairdressers mannequin doll.

      First shown at Moira, Utrecht. 2018

      At Limburg Biënnale Marres, Maastricht. 2020

      Picture taken by Fenne Saedt

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  7. The Birds In The Eye Of The Bolder (2018)

    Part of solo exhibition "Just-Kiddin" at Moira, Utrecht


    Thank you Dirk De Haan for lending me your vocals and your accent.

    (english translation of the monologue below)

    The Birds In The Eye Of The Bolder


    Look at them
    Just sitting
    On the roof
    With their beaks
    And their paws
    They don't give a damn
    While we're walking properly
    Through the streets
    They don't give a shit
    But literally though
    They shit on everything
    And then they leave again
    With their beaks
    And their paws
    In the gutters

    That man
    Over there on the corner
    Bought an airgun lately
    Those are legal
    Unless they're shortened
    No you can't do that
    He woke up every morning at five o'clock
    No everything
    Which we're working so hard on
    Everything we do
    To make our lives here
    More pleasant
    They're throwing a spanner in it
    Rules are rules
    And you should obey them
    That will make it better for everyone
    And they
    Pretend like they don't care

    One got hit
    A french frie lay
    On the street
    A madam advanced
    In her BMW
    That pretty one from the X5 series
    He did not want to step aside
    And paid the consequences, haha
    I'd prefer to see it differently though
    But that's what you get
    She wasn't even driving fast
    She didn't see him either
    Because her eyes barely reached above the steering wheel
    I could hear the crunches
    I was together with the club
    Eating some ice-cream at Fredsons'
    Sickening it was
    She got out
    Lifted him off the ground
    And like that
    His intestines
    Just slid out of his belly
    It wasn't pretty
    She laid him away a little further
    Next to a bench on the boulevard
    I would have called someone
    You can't just leave it there
    Just a hideous sight
    That ice cream had gotten a bad taste

    They do it to themselves
    And are ruining it
    For the others
    Look, there goes another one
    They come and go
    Whenever they want to
    They will never meet them
    And don't forget about
    Them gooders
    Who throw bread
    They just keep maintaining their sort
    And what do we get for it in return?

    My wife says
    You should just leave them at peace
    And they'll leave you at peace also
    But what do we gain out of that?
    They're still here!
    Profiteers, that's what they are
    You're not able to check on them
    One moment they're here
    And the other they're across the border
    No ones able to stop them
    See, it's not as if we've got it bad
    But we didn't get here out of nothing
    This place also used to be a chaos at first
    But look at that
    The beautiful public gardens
    Them buxus
    The people from the township
    Are raking the ground there every week
    The ones with the orange vests
    It doesn't come easy for them either
    But they'll succeed
    And guess who's making a mess again?
    Everything we've got
    Has become for a reason, right?
    That's because we learn from our mistakes.

  8. Het is maar waar je blij van wordt (2018)

    Part of solo exhibition "Just-Kiddin" at Moira, Utrecht

  9. l'Homage sur l'esprit du Bokman (2018)

    Mixed media on wood.

    Part of solo exhibition "Just-Kiddin" at Moira, Utrecht

  10. Microland (2018)

    Part of solo exhibition "Just-Kiddin" at Moira, Utrecht

  11. The Knights Of The Castle Of The Kingdom Of Sir Donkey The First (2017)

    No More Boring Art, Kunsttour, Maastricht. (2017)

    Collaborative improv installation, 8 hours.

    Artists: Ties van Dijk, Fran Hoebergen, Merlijn Huntjens, Alice Schiavone

  12. Anatidaefobie (2017)

    Exhibition @ Parallel#4 (2017)

    Collaborative art project and residency.

    Initiated and supervised by Parallel, Greylight Projects and Roy Vastenburg

    Artists: Fran Hoebergen, Krista Smulders, Roy Vastenburg, Yaël Wolfs.

    Curated by Marjolein van der Loo


    Anatidaefobie - An unusual musical (2017)

    Thanks to the theatrical supervision and stage directing of Nina Hannah Willems and the facilities of Poppodium Nieuwe Nor.


    Anatidaefobie - The Roadtrip (2017)

    Video, 9:07 min


    Anatidaefobie - The Main Movie (Birds drinking coffee in front of the former city hall of Hoensbroek) (2017)

    Video loop


    Photo's by Ties van Dijk

  13. Spacebak64 (2016)

    Garbage container lid, mixed media.

    200 x 160 x 140 cm

    ©Romy Finke Fotografie

    Spacebak64 demo from Fran Hoebergen on Vimeo.

    Spacebak64 demo from Fran Hoebergen on Vimeo.

  14. Theater van de waanzin/Scrapyard (2016)

    Mixed media 


    Muziek maken is als schilderen, schilderen is als tuinieren. Wat laten we groeien en wat halen we weg? Wat krijgt functie en wat wordt decoratie? Het geheel danst tussen tegenstellingen. Ik tuinierde ooit bij verschillende mensen om geld bij te verdienen. De tuinen weerspiegelden de karakters van deze mensen zelf, hetgeen als vanzelfsprekend klinkt maar waar ik mij erg over verwonderde en ik ging tuinen met elkaar vergelijken; de een had een dictatuur op kleine schaal, de ander meer een woekerende democratie. Een tuin is een plek waar ik kan reflecteren op mijn eigen handelingen in relatie tot dat wat mij omringt.



    Creating music is like painting, painting is like gardening. What will I erase and what shall grow? Will there be function or decoration? The whole dances between opposites. I used to do gardening for multiple people as an odd job. The gardens I was working in where reflecting the persons’ characteristics, which might seem a matter of cause but it fascinated me. I started to compare gardens; one was reign by a dictatorship, while the other was a rampant democracy. A garden is a place where I can reflect on my own act in relation to my surroundings.


    ©Romy Finke Fotografie

  15. Serpentine (2016)

    Mdf, latex, wallpaper glue, serpentine

    ©Romy Finke Fotografie

  16. Up & Down #2 (2016)

    Tilted television with HD video loop 

    (endless panorama images moving from right to left)

    74 x 43 x 8 cm

  17. Up & Down #1 (2015)

    Chipboard, Latex, Printed paper.

    250 x 105 x 85 cm

  18. Static Ride - From Aachen to Budapest (2015)

    Video Loop

  19. Their World, Not Ours(2016)

    Digital collage, rizo printed for graduation show